AI.Primer is designed to demystify AI by helping organizations develop AI literacy and grow functional understanding.

AI.Primer is offered as a training with different flavors for audience with different levels of responsibility and vantage points from C-level executives & Vice Presidents to Directors & Functional Managers to Business Analysts in the organization. During this training, our Data2Insights model and AI Canvas are also covered.


AI.Value calculates the full potential value of AI, even before the spending any effort and venturing into AI projects.

AI.Value computes the all-inclusive value (financial) benefit from Artificial Intelligence for organization of any shape and size, and stage of AI maturity.


AI.Strategy charters the strategic plan, custom to the organization, leveraging latest advances in AI/ML.

AI.Strategy makes sure that the company takes the proactive leadership position rather than succumbs to the competitive pressures.


AI.Roadmap lays out the company AI path, while balancing the most valuable and low hanging fruit activities to be modeled in AI.

The output of AI.Roadmap is a detailed AI implementation plan with cost and effort estimates.


With the objective of developing a working AI model, iterate through exploratory data analysis, feature engineering and model training, and model evaluation.

Once done, validate and confirm value capture.


Once the desired accuracy from the models is achieved, deploy model in production environment and integrate into business workflow. In some cases, web application is designed and developed that connects with the deployed model along with the analytics and business logic.

As part of Life Cycle Management of AI/ ML models, monitor model performance and integrity and retrain, as required.

We deliver actionable insights by empowering your organization with AI so you can focus on business growth.

We offer the leading edge end-to-end AI solutions, enabling every employee, customer, and citizen with sophisticated AI technology and easy-to-use AI applications. With our solutions, our partners can become leaders in their respective domains by becoming more innovative in serving their customers, collaborating among all key stakeholders in extracting business value and reducing costs.